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August 19, 2017


Marvellous experiences.
Do I want them?
I don't want to escape.
I'm alive, what is the most (only) mysterious thing there is. 
Inward attention for that. That. Only that. 

August 18, 2017

Huge mix of manipulation

Worthfull read about the Oneness-, and Success-coaching Movement.
Manipulation, we can find it everywhere, especially in this Self-help Industry.
Masterclasses in esoteric crap and other the plastic 'spiritual teachers' a favour and buy their spiritual-master class tickets. Or attend a sacred school. So you can receive 'an upgrade' and grow. (Not)
Their pockets will grow though..
Oh, if you copy their lessons, their blueprint, their concept, yours will do so as well of course.
And isn't it great to earn money this way? With well filled pockets you can do a lot of good in the world, right? Hmm.
For that kind of growth you're on the right track..Manipulate go on.
When I find out about such happenings closeby I easily get upset (wat's deep). I really cannot stand authorithy and manipulation. Most of all when it's kind of hidden/dressed up. Often this is happening: truth by authority.
-"Truth by Authority is about taking statements to be true simply because an alleged authority (experts, teachers, states of enlightenment, divine sources, paranormal abilities, etc.) on the matter has said/justified that they are true. A level of critical thinking is always appropriate, because the statement may be based on different kinds of thought distortions such as magical thinking, false premises, faulty reasoning, wishful thinking or vested interests.
People, who in their arguments/ teachings, again and again, have to defer to some authority (experts, teachers, states of enlightenment, divine sources, paranormal abilities) in order to justify their arguments/teachings, are hundred procent on the wrong track, even if they should have some paranormal abilities. Again it is interesting to see, that true enlightened masters, as well as sober spiritual teachers, never do this. And interesting, that probably most of the many people, who have made a business on being clairvoyants/ mediums/ channelers etc., will fall for Truth by Authority."-
I know this phenomen much too well, but thank you very much, Morten Tolboll, for the clear description.
Something else but very closely related:
In my early twenty's I dived deep in the thing called 'Theosophy'. 
And by deep I mean reading quite a lot and really wanted to learn about it. But then I alread found out/ felt it wasn't 'zuivere koffie'; wasn't true.
In this a lot of 'Truth by Authority'. 
Morten Tolboll summed it nicely up here: 
Esoterica; interesting? Because it has someting mysterious? Like a lot of fancy plastic shamans and spiritual teachers are? Attractive in a way?
Read more yourself I would say. Do your research and find out how much is fake and not clear, not what we in dutch say 'zuiver'.
Art and kitsch. Also in the (how to call it?) 'spiritual field' it's totally full with kitch. 
I want my inner-house clean and empty. Fresh, Lemlem.

Nice & kind #2

A picture what made me think about 'nice' and 'kind' again. 'Nice' is the easiest. While 'kind' has to do with lots (constantly?) inner work. 'Kind' has to with living..humane. 'Nice' is just a mask.

August 17, 2017


Why somebody is getting angry at another person? Isn't it because she/he doesn't get from the person what she/ he wants?
The only reason, I think.
And expectations are in no way fair to have. 
It doesn't serve anyone, destroys a lot, and hurts the other. More than man often is aware of. 
You don't come far with it.

But what if you're angry?
I think you should go through it the whole way. Deep. Very deep. Instead of simply 'give' it the other. What is agression. What is throwing shit. Shit you -you- have to transform. (I'd suggest if you would like to see a more peaceful earth).
'Here you are!', giving somebody else your unprocessed thoughts and feelings isn't really kind.
How to talk about 'peace' when anger and aggression is part of us? I don't get that.

It is why we daily have to process, I think. A lot. To inquire and give things it's right place. That is sanity, that is health. Quite a job what requires quite some time. That's why the saying 'good things come slow' excists. And I really believe that.
That's why we need to have healthy work. Work where we have the space to do those things. To be ourselves and do the inner work. When doing so one also doesn't feel the need for holidays or retraites. This work, this job, where we can combine inner work and the 'normal' work we can create ourselves.
And I truly think this is healthy for all, not just for yourself. For the earth, so to say. 
I think your work during the day, so what you do with your time and energy has absolute everything to do with agression and violence. Your daily inner work. No excercises, but real meditation, during/in your work. Merged together, one. And it's our very own responsibility, and no one else's, to bring this balance. This health. It's totally easy, and childish, to blame others for it (if you don't succeed in it) but it's all in our own hands. 
It's the most basic (self-)care.
Work. What we do with our energy. Most important.
We can have the most beautiful dreams how to save the whole world, having a mega-plan to bring world-change with having a beautiful personal life as well, but if this simple balance isn't there we'll come nowhere. Because no one deserves (and takes) your shit, so to say. 
The disorder called anger totally destroys relationships between people. Destroys steps you take.
Your very own foundation (yourself, your inner) is the most fundamental. Work to do! The all of us. Every day. Everyone and everywhere, whatever the circumstances might be.
And again, we don't need a 'spiritual master' for it, or a concept, or particular practises or other nonsens. 'Just' the mind you have. And time. Space. To put things right. Sane. That's why we have it. And this work means taking good care for it. For the mind. Respect it.
And again, not persé for yourself (I mean, if you can live with a lot of anger..) but for the others in your life and 'the world'. 

August 15, 2017

Mining gold, daring..

This kind of Facebook posts I like. Insightful. 
I just read:

"Ok, I'm going to use a generalization here and talk about an example that can occur in the traditional man & woman relating.

Women are quicker to get emotionally triggered in relationships. But that also makes her a leader into the deeper unexplored emotional terrain for both involved in the relationship. The woman is usually the first one to hit her trigger/blockage and to react/respond to it. This is usually because a woman is more emotionally in touch or more expressive about this (not that that means - more responsible, but that is another subject matter). What can happen, once the woman hits her blockage, this then activates a blockage and trigger in her partner (equivalent unhealed aspect of himself). Now often at this point, two people can drift away, give up, push one another away. When the reality is that this moment is the pinnacle/test for how committed  we really are to our self-actualization. This is it. This is the spiritual test for how stead-fast, focused and centred we really are. If two people  want progress and to go deeper with one another (and take a good daring look and admit it to yourself if this is not the case), my advice is this: for the man  - it is of no spiritual help to you you seeing this situation as a victim of "she begun it, her stuff got us stuck." No. Her unresolved emotions have activated an unresolved part of you. And that is what you need to focus on. Not on her. but on YOU. So take the focus away from her. Acknowledge and take a good look at what is unresolved in you and what needs more of your love and focus in this moment. Get closer to yourself. Explore and get curious about what is being activated in yourself. Also, once the pressure and the focus is lifted away from the woman she is more likely to relax into her emotions and have a smoother exploration of her emotional blockage. Once you use the woman's emotional blockages in this way YOU BOTH CAN MINE GOLD TOGETHER. You both can help one another dance your way with/to god. Instead of her being trouble or a problem to solve in your day, she becomes a leader who leads you both into deeper relationship with yourself. And trust me, if you use this right, you will be grateful to her :) "

Awe, greatness

The Netherlands. A very 'imperfect' country. The weather and many, many other things man can sum up. 
But. The skies are marvelous. 

Why I say?
Awe is everywhere to find. Greatness, everyone is surrounded with it! 

Ice under nice

Nice and kind. Two totally different things! 
'There is a whole continent of ice under nice': 

August 13, 2017

To let go

'To let people go' when they don't feel as a friend anymore. When particular negative things happened. When there is something destructive, toxic. To let go in order to 'keep yourself, grow yourself'.
Do I agree with this? No.
If you couldn't let eachother go in the time you were closely related, it already showed there was something wrong. 
'To let go', to die every day anew and see each other fresh* is the main ingrediënt.
There is no reason than to 'let people go' than: it's the best there is. Always.
And if the persons are free they can relate*, if they feel safe enough to do so. 

In a real friendship, a true relation***, you don't want to 'keep' someone. And even if you don't see eachother for years (or never), there is always a strong, beautifull foundation/form.
There are no expectations or whatever. 

Love hasn't anything to do with 'keeping' or 'not keeping'.
The other way around: it's shows you feel better than the other. 

Someone did you wrong? They blamed you for example for something? You felt hurt? They flattered you is the same coin (often the reason to 'keep' people).
For me to not be in contact with someone would have different reasons. 
'They don't make me happy', would never be a reason. I don't need people for particular reasons in my life. All is to be found inside, and the other is there to celebrate (and in this way grow and learn) it together. 

*moment by moment, without history, without conclusions, without motive, without any reason

**relate in the broadest sense. Freedom is all; starting point, and all else

***with a true relation I mean: two people having a connection based on truth. What is truth according me? Everything what isn't a hallucination, a dream, a wish or whatever. A static ground, underneath all.
A true relation means a connection of  people who want nothing than truth, and because they want (this wanting is something in their dna or so, like they're born with it, it is natural) it both, it is in their middle. Is the foundation.
And this truth is so much, it is enough. More than. And priceless. Worth everything.The reason why true friendship stays (whatever circumstances) and why some people have great, deep, relationships for years. It is because of a deep appreciating for the foundation.

Everything - Nothingness - All

Everything, at its smallest level, seems to recede into nothingness – yet this nothingness becomes something, and makes up all that exists. 

Feelings #3

One must have strong feelings, because it is only the feelings that make the mind highly sensitive.

Feelings and emotions are two different things. The latter aren't helpfull (rather destructrive), the first are. 
Feelings, so important. But so overwhelming as well, often!