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December 06, 2016


To be an 'artist' (in whatever form) does it not imply being capable of receiving the new? To be sensitive enough to respond to something new, fresh/lemlem? 

It's not holding on to an idea.
But moving on, fresh, with what is and arises. Life.

Calmth #2

So, what would be good questions from example?
First of all, questions fromout a feeling of 'you are more than enough'.
Questions fromout a feeling that Life is astonishing, rather than this life is a battlefield.
Questions fromout the place where you are, on this very moment, rather than identify you with somebody else.
Questions fromout your own being, the world you are.
Questions fromout your own experiences.
To stay by yourself. Self-care. Needed in whichever situation.


I woke up late in the night, and it seems I can't fall asleep anymore.
A lot of things go through my mind.
But the night, and candle light gives a great calmth. The stilness is giving something. Space.
Space you not always feel during the days.

It's a time, with all what happens around, so intense.
A time, with all I learn -inside-, so intense.

I wish I could all write down here. Put all my feelings into words.
But it's so much!

Maybe the most of us have often the same kind of thoughts.
The world in fire. The big oil and weapon industry which rule and destroy. 
Children who suffer.
And where are you? What is your role in all this? How do you change something in this battlefield, safe at the sideline? 
Are you activistic enough, does your life have any worth when you let children die?
What when you compare it with other worldwars, where there things simply happened? How guilty are you for not doing all you can to save even one single person? 

And now, in calmness, my very own answers.
First. Are this the right questions? 
I don't think so.
They come up now and then, because we somehow grow up with them. We easy feel guilty.
Of course, we feel it. The intenseness of what happens in the world.
But it's very easy to drown in all this.
And also in the feeling 'not doing enough', often given by people who manipulate; who turn things.
And who advocate their own drowning.

For now I'll keep it by this. In a next post I will go on and deepen.

The calmth of the night, it gives my mind some rest..
Rest, needed.
In all intenseness, in this world, minds need to be in good form.. 

December 04, 2016


Are our souls and bodies seperate 'things'?
Or would it be just one?
Jaap van der Wal has interesting things to say: "The body is a soul."

December 03, 2016

How the commons work

The Commons:

  • A social system for the long-term stewardship of resources that preserves shared values and community identity.

  • A self-organized system by which communities manage resources (both depletable and replenishable) with minimal or no reliance on the market or state.

  • The wealth that we inherit or create together and must pass on, undiminished or enhanced, to our children. Our collective wealth includes the gifts of nature, civic infrastructure, cultural works and traditions, and knowledge.

  • A sector of the economy (and life!) that generates value in ways that are often taken for granted – and often jeopardized by the market-state

-David Bollier

How does the commons work? A little video.

And here a good read: "The City as Commons".


Is it 
knowing about philosophy,
and the different philosophers?
living your very own philosophy, doing all based on your very own inner research*? 

(*Thus: your life as your own lab, and your own learnings as your authority. Not books, nor institutions, nor teachers, nor parents, nor guru's, nor who/what-ever. Celebrating the freedom to have your own inquiry and build your life upon that. Standing alone.)


A paradigm. Isn't it more than being an example?

We want a thriving world? Peace? A paradigm shift in awareness?

My answer:
walk our talk. Thrive.
Create on the smallest scale a thriving world*, and let it grow, step by step, by learning and doing in close relationship with others around us.

*Fromout our being; the world we are.

November 30, 2016

The end of Leadership

A post about leadership I shared four years ago as well. It's one which stayed in my mind, so, here another time. A good read in those times..

Comfort #2

At the edge, but not beyond.

Drop in

I like to cook. But there's more, much more I want to do.
Shall I keep my great interest just my great interest, or should I really do something with this as well?
And if yes,..when?
When I met someone to do it with me?
When 'this', when 'that'?
Or stop postphoning it, and just start where I can, in the surrounding I am, with the things I have?
Yes. The latter.
I begin.
Exciting! And it feels great!

Here you can follow it, when you like.