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October 20, 2016

Losing ground

"He who throws dirt at another
looses ground." 
( a saying, and in my eyes a good one)

October 15, 2016

Unmasking the Impostor

"The medicine of the syndrome? Vulnerability."

October 07, 2016

Nurturing and 'activism'

Some people, or actually a lot of people
say: 'I have to save the world! I have to be an activist because of the children. They deserve a world.' 'And we have to hurry, and have to do more than we ever did. I'm afraid we fail. Desperately fail if we do not ...(fill in...this or that).
And yes, it sounds noble (but what means the word noble? tomorrow in another blogpost).

You were a kid too.
And we still are, we're the same as then, right?
Do we understand what we are, what kids are? Pure Life.

Pure Life is strong.
And is 'more' than what we see, the world, this. This mess.

We have to nurture this Life. 
This pureness.
In the first place.
It is caring for what is.
I mean: for the fact you simply breath. Breath!!
It is celebrating what is. This breath, this touch, this move. This.

Being afraid has no place there.

In this mood you do better.
And when we all do better (not persé more) things around change, in ripples. And will 'bad'/facism/racism/whatever -ism get less grip.

Very soft and feminine, I know.

But highly important in the 'activist world'. And without this I don't know if activism makes any sense.
Without it's even damaging.

Not afraid

Why I'm not afraid.
Not even for a world collapse/ nwo.
In dutch.

Some questions to myself

In dutch:

October 04, 2016


Yesterday my mother turned 77. Tewolde made a painting.
Two kissing people.
'It's her with grandfather'.
'I see them so often kissing!'

It made me happy. So grateful to be raised in so much warmth. After a marriage of 55 years they still have so much love for each other.. The best thing to be, give, share be raised in. 

'First hand'

Never do something what you don't understand.
So that you won't become a 'second hand (wo)man'.

This takes time. Time to dive into things, processes, time to investigate, to questioning.
Than you act with 'facts'. Sanely. Not with formulas.
Not repeating someone....

Fromout your own answers.
New, fresh.

A year..

..with beautiful and strange suprises.

Care #5

Care money:

October 02, 2016

Care #4

How to care when you aren't there for yourself in the first place?
Not being there in the sense of giving yourself all the best experiences or best stuff.
No, being there in the sense of respecting and nurturing your mind, body and spirit. Giving it the best; your attention. Attention, moment by moment, doing what's the most healthy, to be in form: so you are able to care for others..

Attention (love) to what is actual; your being, your surrounding. Your world. 

It's easy to escape in whatever, but the actual -where you are- is more important than what. How great, beautiful, full of love and very noble an escape (ideal, dream, utopia, fantasy, illusion; everything what isn't actual) may seem.  
May seem. Because any escape makes of course no sense. And is destructive. For you. And others. Your world. 'The' world.

Care. Being there. Firstly for yourself.
Your own business. What needs to be at #1. And no, it's the opposite of being selfish (on the other hand, escaping is).
Without this care no other care at all.