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January 17, 2018


Brightness, isn't that the most beautiful thing we can 'have'?
I think a bright mind has nothing to do with cleverness. Really nothing.
More with honesty, one's personal 'inner work' (cleaning up moment by moment), and...what do you think?
One's drive to live, no, Live to the deepest? 
My wish for (my) children.. not to become clever. Bright instead. 

(In a baby's eyes and being you can see/feel this brightness (and get overwhelmed by it..) Isn't it our task to keep this spark alive in them - by doing it with our own?) 

Heaven: honor, truth, insight..

January 15, 2018

A new year

'A beautiful new year', I wanted to text someone, a little late.
But on the same moment I was thinking 'hmm, as if I don't wish everyone a good year, every day. Every morning, every day is of course a start. Is it true to say it right now, this way? As a 'must-do' because another calender-year started?'
At the other hand I found it sweet from friends and collegues to hear, the first week. Because in daily life we don't speak often our hearts, right? Eventhough they said it out of tradition, it was also ment.

I decided not to text. The beautiful thing is I think the eye contact made with it.
I hope they forgive me, my further-away friends;)

January 09, 2018

Essential Reality

Mind #6

A question again:
can you have a clear, bright mind when you're full of opinions and standpoints? 


Yesterday, I read a piece what someone (a friend) wrote about me, and asked if I agreed.
It was a nice text. Good written. Flattering for me.
But it wasn't really true. (But good marketing it was:) )
'Titia has a mission [ to..something to do with real food, health, young people, nice organizations, etc.] 
A mission.
Me, I never said this myself.
Things in front of me I like/want to 'take' as good as possible. The 'here'. Using my particular personal gifts (like we all have our unique own) so that work goes easily, and I can do it with joy.
A mission? I don't know.
My experience with people with a mission is that they can think they're noble ( having such a great mission, you know) but can go over dead bodies to reach their goal. That the bigger, and the end goal, is more important than the smaller, the in-front-of-our-noses.
'Mission'. Being a 'good warrior'. It seems to be very positive. Bold. Strong.
New-age bullshit strengthens it.
I have big questions, and I'll defenitely come with them.


After reading some tweets of one of the thousands scary politicans in the world, Thierry Baudet, I went back to a time, some years ago, when in a check-in at Knowmads we were being asked who we liked to see as president. Of course it's a big question, and was it not serious when I said Floris (one of the co-founders of Knowmads).
And I was thinking again, longer and more serious now: 'who? And why?' Who is able to take such a terrible job on him/her? Who is a able to stand corruption, and misuse of power?
And I was thinking: probably I would choose a very simple man. Who could live his life, his 'small, little life' very well. In a great way. Standing out in being-human.
Whose house would be an example. Bright, clean, green, simple. Whose manners would be lovely. Hospitality would be a matter of fact. A loving person, who knows how to live. Without conflict. In peace.
But why a simple man? What about all the knowledge needed? Because.. I think when you found a point, where peace reigns, calmness, truth, than it doesn't matter that much what you're doing - what you'll do will be right, because it's coming fromout this (peace). So: a simple, but good (wo)man would attract the good persons with particular knowledge and do it in a good way.

The problem would start when people around him would become corrupted..
And that made me think deeper about politics. What's the core?

So, what is a right way to take care for a country?
How a government works, and what is a president's role exactly?
Governing- what's the core?
Very interesting.

What's a sure thing in my eyes is that our own life is an example.
That we -our own responsibility- govern on a small scale* and are affecting all of us with whom we have (in) direct contact.
And that truth counts; visible in a kind of simpleness.Clear, bright -as in children- , green: lemlem:) 

That I would choose a simple man, but that that looks like a paradox in itself ( power versus simpleness), makes me wonder..what then would be the perfect way to govern a country?
Is decentralization really the answer?
Who can lead and what are the common values to lead? What binds? 
If we are all equally important, how do we organize each other the best, to lead ourselves? 

*on the smallest scale possible it should be good. Real good.
Work to do, right? Here-closeby! 
And who knows this work isn't that important as a presidents? 
Don't we actually not carry all the same? I mean don't we all have the same task: to live a good life? To live our lives good? (for the sake of nothing.. not because of saving the world, or because of 'karma' or a heaven)
Can we measure the importance?
How corruptable are we ourselves, in our day to day world?
How does our home looks like? How
do we govern it? 

There is the saying that we 'deserve' the government we have. That the government mirrors ourselves.
I think this is true.
We probably have this left/right thing because.. how balanced are we, ourselves? How compassionate, really compassionate?
The most of the people don't think for themselves. They take and believe otherman's stories.
I think we have to learn to live, really live,  before we get (/create) something what resembles..

But how to chance things, let good things grow?
I'm not the only one who thinks there should be something else than what politics is right now: the right/left -thing.
What would be better?
I like to read from some (in my eyes) big thinkers in this field.
As you see I write very simplistic. There a are people who can formulate things much better. With some I have -thinkingwise- a lot in common. I'll share here their thoughts too.

Living, Quality

It's not how much you influence people. How you seemly change people. How you shock others so that they'll do things differently.
It's how you live your very own life, and in very little, subtle actions go together with someone. The way you do things.
It's not about telling people how it is, or in't. It's unconscious showing something, sharing something, living something.
How more you give (this something), how more your live.
This something  hasn't to do with any particular information. It isn't knowedge ( (any) knowledge is cheap).
It has a far more different Quality.

And.. we can't (nearly) talk about it. Only live it, be it.

January 07, 2018

Real connectedness

Connected. When not dependent, on any idea, any concept, any person, only then  (psychologically free) you're connected.
Only two people with this personal connectedness can be truly connected. 
That's real frienship, and the base of any true relationship.
Don't you think?