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October 23, 2017

Niels Bohr

Do you know Niels Bohr? Here you can read more about him. 

October 21, 2017

Marketing the...nonordinary

Perfectly put in words. This.
It explains all my frustration and anger.
Beautifully written as always.


There is no 'Higher Self'.
There is no 'Higher Consciousness'.
There is no 'Higher Level'.

There is just the self.
There is just consciousness.

And there is The Beyond.

All explanations, concepts, steps and ways to come there or better said 'achieve it' are fake. 

It's 'just' knowing yourself. Inquiring and seeing..
Some nifty people like to sell you 'tools' for this. They 'want to help you'. Come on, how blind can you be? They just fill their own pockets and give their ego's a  boost. Ever heard of ego-inflation? Check out the selfhelp- & the new age industry. That's precisely it. 

I'm aware this is again a post about the same topic. About the same deep frustration. I was just thinking: 'let this be the last'. Because I already said it, and every time it's the same but in other words. But then, after this thought, I felt how healing it is for me. So, I'm sorry, but it's probably not the last. It's good to express anger this way, without directly hurting someone. Writing is a good thing...

So yes, there is anger and sadness towards all the wolves in sheep clothes. 

A new mind

Fresh, new, healthy. Lemlem.

October 20, 2017

Manipulation #3

Not-easy-to-manipulate. What's the word for that?
It had to be a topic on the school-rapports when we were young! I think I'd scored high.
But maybe it's not a good thing to say it from yourself. 
I hope I am.
It's a thing ('manipulation/realness) what always has and had my interest.


Who the heck is telling you that we're in another frequency and started the Aquarius age. 
Why do you believe? Because it's an interesting theory? Because the new age is full with exciting explanaitions?

I get sick. Really sick. Of all this new age crap on social media. A new religion.. with new priests.. and it seems we now are free to become one. It's lucrative, so let me try one day.

Something like this. "Lightworker Titia. Workshops & seminars (including breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the special price of €300 a day (hmm, I think catering is better business, but okay, have to think on my clients pockets a little bit, plus it's a good thing to look social) to find your Inner Devine Bliss.
I'll take you with me to the 5th demension and further. Further than you're able to imagine! I learn you all the tips and tricks to manipulate others, excuse me, to let yourself and others Bloom in all Goodness and Serenity.
The white brotherhood is with me (believe me, I had my Very Special initiations) and together we will give you the most powerful blessings you can get. The whole seabang. Complete. All. Yours.
Don't forget to come for an upgrade now and then of course;). You know, I offer and dedicate myself completely to this holy work, but I need to eat as well (not just bread with peanut butter). See you soon, and be quick, the spots are gone very, very quickly.
And keep an eye on my upgrade-training days where I lead you step by step (paid of course, but cheap!) to Ascension. Every step will completely transform you! (and my bank account, hehe). You will become stronger as ever, believe me, and being able to manifest seriously  everything you want. Become a great servant for the world, by spreading (/selling like me) Bliss all around, step completely in your power, the Power of Love, and keep following my Devine Course. 
Something like that?
Maybe good to try? 
And with all the money I can do social projects; how noble! )

And when I'll be already in this crap- circuit I think I'll happily invite you in my mlm-business too. Very good (believe me!) and healthy (believe me!) supplements for example. You know, when it's me saying that, believe me, they're good 👌. 
Devine Blessings and Love, yours, Lightworker Titia (got my Lessons firsthandly from the Source. And share them with Love (complete Love, all gradations). Bliss and Peace.


^This is based on reality. This. is. really. happening. This. people. buy.
It's not a joke... Sad but true.

To program/manipulate

Some people program their brains.
Putting it full with particular (in their eyes useful 'cause for example different than mainstream) information. Or 'good'/'peaceful' slogans.
Creating kind of mantra's.
Manipulating their selves.
As if we were computers.

Living, real living, is a whole other thing.
And your brain? You'll use it to survive, and for the rest it's on the background.
The whole time. Because you learned what it's function is.
Of course you not build on silly mantra's, your own programme, your brain/ your 'oh so special' knowledge.
Intuition. A whole, whole, whoooole other 'thing'.

That's living. Moment to moment. New. 



KNSM-werf, Amsterdam. How I like it.
And yes, 'let me be myself'. How important.

No roots

Me neither: 

(but in the sky, the Universe, all & everywhere)