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July 22, 2016



'To be there, as friends, no matter what', is what you can see as a form of love.
There are however people who preach 'love' and 'worldpeace' but who 'aren't there'..

Einstein is seen as a great changemaker.
But in his daily life, so to say,  he wasn't that great (is what I heard, I still have to do research myself).
'Change-making', a big and deep topic.
Someone who 'isn't there' in daily life, only concerned with his own 'dreams' and work how, in what way he is really making change? 
What is really important?

An interesting topic.


Words are cheap.
Ideals are cheap.
Concepts are cheap.

The doing, and how you are doing it, how your relations are, that, that is the thing not cheap. 

Some people operate. Skillfull.
Some people, few, don't operate. 
They live, and their sayings and doings, their being and actions are merged.

Let me keep operators abay.
People who want something, and do everything to make that happen.
I hear you think 'and what about the great activists fighting for worldpeace?' 
Let me explain it in another post..

Feet & grass

The grass is amazingly green right beneath your feet.
So green that it's even not to grab.
Green as can be.

Never trust someone who says that greener grass is somewhere else, when this is be done, that is be done, when this.., when that...
Who says: it's 'there', while it's here.
Feel with your feet...

Offline clickbait

Clickbait is a term for internet marketing.
But is there a term for the same thing, but then offline?
Beautiful covered conceptual 'bla-bla' whose main purpose is to attract attention and 'encourages' you for example to join a particular organization or idea (what of course is in need of money to grow...) In short 'popular bla-bla' to go with that person, with her/his idea and view.

Popular, well dressed, blatter.

It has so much similarities with internet marketing. And I think it's one of the same kind.
Misleading. Mean. And garbage. 
Oh men, how it is garbage..
It's so rotten!

Fortunately I have learned the hard way to recognise now garbage from what's real.
From now I'll smell it from a distance! 

July 21, 2016

Spreading Life

Few. Very few people are spreading life.

It's not about the positive things which are happening on the planet where I'm talking about. 
It's not what I hear from al the popular spiritual teachers. Or the people with worldchanging concepts.

No. If you're lucky you can hear someone whisper. Beautiful, true whispers.
Or singing. Open hearted, sweet and subtle.
Soft, but strong as nothing else.

The opposite of all the screaming and shouting from people who assume they 'tell the truth', who say they have the answer. In whatever sense. To your very own life questions to the biggest world problems.

In those conversations, and while listening to those whispers and songs, sharing back and forth the answer lay...
It is...

Demonstration in the very same moment.
You feel freshness. 
You know this let flourish.

What sustains

Is how you connect good, real good, from the very basic, stays good. It's the form, the basic ground. It will stay the same in the future.
This is for me sustainability.
In this kind of relation there can also be worked together. And than... things flow.
And, naturally, grow.
Not persé quantitative, rather qualitative.


A 'result' not to be counted, a 'result' to be felt.
A 'result' , whatever it may be,  from you can always  say : 'it is good'.


"Truth always comes hidden in a troyan horse".
I like this view..


What a great day!
I can congratulate myself.
Finally, the first day in my life I felt (not just had thoughts about it), deeply felt:
from now of, every single person who thinks who has the right to hurt me - verbally or physically- without truly being sorry, is out of my life. Immediately. And forever. 
By hurting me it's hurting everyone close to me indirectly. They don't earn that. At all.
I'll stand up for myself and with this thus for all with who I'm surrounded.
I want to be as a healthy cell;
with a membrane what keeps bad outside, but let the good in.
Not just open for everything..: how it works at the smallest scale, there I can learn from!

After many years...the self protection what's needed. Insight..finally.
Late, but not too late! \o/ 

July 20, 2016


!!"What the heck is happening in "the world"?

??"What is missing in my world, what do I create, to make my world better (because a better; healthy, balanced and clear 'my world' is the most I can do for the planet)?"

The first question, and to work on answers, looks the most noble. To answer and work on the last one is the hardest. And is noble, because it is constant work. And lays the responsibility in the centre.

You know the term 'greenwashing' and know that it's business, right?
The same with 'changing-the-world'-concepts.

There is one startingpoint what's also the endpoint: you.
You are the world.