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September 27, 2016


What a beautiful piece!
'My thoughts arise from my feelings'. Yes.

Some share pieces like this on facebook,
others just blatter.
I'm happy, more than, that facebook excist though.. 

Here a nice piece on facebook and other social media:

'Proud' - a little shoutout

My friend, - no names here:) -, I have so much respect and be so grateful and proud to 'have' you in my world.
In your hard time you stay strong and make the best of every day again. Strong to stay soft. Lovely. But sharp. Clear; grateful for all (what in my eyes is always the startingpoint) learning and teaching as no other; sharing your gifts throughout everything.
In every circumstance, like also some people in concentration camps for example showed us, you can be extraordinary great. Human. Wise. Caring. Subtle. Tender. Strong. 
Amazing. More beautiful than words can say/ explain. Above that! 

Just a little silent 'shoutout' as I do often in my self during the day:) 

It's so great to be so thankful! Thank you! :)

Daily life

How I love the 'normal' days..
Day after day we have the chance to do great in little things.
What a gift!!
So big that it takes a lifetime to unwrap! 


I remember the research with the intoxinated spider. Those pictures of the spiderwebs which went viral some years ago.
One with weed; the spider almost did nothing. No 'working' web. One with coffee; the spider created the web fast but with a lot of holes. One with lsd or mdma (I forgot); the web was finished and beautiful, but only the corners. So, there was a web, but with no worth.
A sober spider; a totally finished web. The only one what was able to catch flies.

Maybe it's similar with us. Some drugs gives us great experiences and a great 'picture of the whole'. But what to do with it? A lot of people who often use smartdrugs end up like the spider with mdma; a vision but nothing 'what works'. 

Just some thoughts..


To love the other. Your neighbour, your ... (fill in whatever). Just: people. Life. 
Loving people. Loving Life (in whatever situation).
It's a result of doing your homework.

A lot of people promote 'love'.
"Let's spread love as much we can!"
"Peace. Love! One Love!" A lifestyle. 

A kind of surrogate this 'love', because it's most of the time done without work.

Promoting love? No.
In my eyes it's the other way around.
It's something what naturally happens.
No stimulation/ inspiration needed from outside. Not needed at all. 
Inner work. Day by day. Moment by moment. Being true. Hard work.
What's different than the so easy, lightweight "one love-modus" (you know, like the 'being high' state).

You can't promote the result, while being too lazy to just work
It's like promoting step 10 (seen while intoxinated) without having been on the stairs yourself.

What the work is? In my eyes it's seperating wheat from chaff. In every moment. Staying clear and truthful. Sharp, your needle (your mind, your being) pointed towards 'What's Good'.

To do this you need inspiration??
And maybe even intoxination? 

That's a sign of incredible sad laziness.
You don't need anything than..
Your own -incredible- love for... THIS.
This. Where you ARE.
Right NOW.
THIS breath you take. 
The air your surrounded with. 

September 26, 2016


Not that I'm for a 'war on drugs'.
No. I'm for intelligence.
But. TOO many lives, too many minds, I saw totally destroyed by it.
Too many people, so close by that it hurts enormously. Every day.
Think twice, please, before you do propoganda; just seeing and promote the positive affects of it (and yes I also think there are) but not the huge danger (the totality).
I think the other side of the pleasure is destruction. Not just for your mind. Not just you.
It affects all.

September 19, 2016