Fresh, green little leaves in society. Initiatives which make our society more thriving.
'Fresh', 'green' ways of organization and education.


June 25, 2017


..'These are the amatueur explorers and artists, brights souls with a mission to express the truth, not out of allegiance to any dead structure, but to liberate of the individual soul. They are amateurs in the etymological sense of ‘doing something for out of love before tangible gain’. The French word amateur means “one who loves, or lover.” The Unemployed Samurai is the lover, par excellence."

I do so love the work of Andrew Sweeny.
Here two pieces on medium. Much, much worth reading.


The most subtle, beautiful and tender 'thing' is the strongest. 
Isn't it, you think? 
Almost invisible, silent..


(wonder if you can keep your eyes dry)

June 24, 2017

Inventing reasons


The root meaning of the word 'idea' is to observe. 
So, just: observe.
Not making an abstraction, a conclusion. 

June 21, 2017

Cleaning up

To have your own house cleaned (read your mind; all in order) make you see with different eyes. There comes space (fresh, lemlem!) . A breeze through the window! 
How small your world may be like, say you'd be for example in an isolated situation; you would see your world as immense.
Immense in the sense of greatness. For what makes you humble, greatful..
Whatever the circumstances.

For this no mind expanding substitutes are needed..No books, workshops or 'spiritual teacher from whatever ancient  tradition'. Not any 'hip' 'spiritual', 'esoteric', new agish teaching (in contrary , throw it immediately in the garbage!) 
'Only'*energy and a deep wish to clean! 

It's about you and a what's in Dutch called 'nuchterheid'. A kind of soberness, a simplicity. 

I was thinking again about 'cleaning' when I thought about Tolulope Ilesanmi, who died last week, 42 years old.**
He shared much. And showed how beautiful cleaning (in the sense we know it) can be. 

It looks as not-much.
But it's the opposite!
To take in others 'wisdom' is easy.. And to peacock a bit (and eventually sell it to others).
Like making noise is easier to really listen..

It's easy to lay your ownership in somebody else's hands- read: to follow a tradition or spiritual path.
It's you the cleaner, and it's your house! Nobody can't do it but yourself, and nobody can give you the energy what's needed. Only that you need to swipe!

So beautiful how family and friends named his funeral.
'Celebration of Life'. 

June 20, 2017

A friend

Two such very good writings, on facebook.
What is friendship in your eyes? 



Every Crossing

Best thing I read today.

"Once in a lifetime you meet someone "special" who changes everything." Really? 

June 18, 2017

We. Are.

Funny. I see a similarity in how people like to address society and address Facebook. 
Isn't it us who created them? 
Don't we have to point the finger most of all toward ourselves? 

June 17, 2017


I don't wanna be tight to any idea.

What are ideas? 
Formulas, concepts. Motives.
Not the real, not what-is.