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April 28, 2017


Good news today: this Onecoin crap is dismantled, finally (sorry for sharing this kind of crazy things;)
I came across this crap (no other word possible) already some time ago by doing a bit research in complementary money and blockchain.
There are so many differences with this Onecoin 'currency' (what it's not!) and other currencies like for example the Faircoin.

In the first few seconds you read about this Onecoin you can already see/feel it's untrustworthy and false of course. But why I like to give a little attention to it here is the following: by seeing who are really into this Onecoin scam here in the Netherlands I saw the name* of a so called ' spiritual & esoteric teacher, shaman, hypnotist and public speaker'. Okay, by watching his website you can also immediately understand why he was into this fraud... (like attracts like, apparently..)
I would really ask him some questions, though.
For example how he, with his "special wisdom and sensetiveness", as a special "spiritual master" couldn't know and feel there was something completely wrong..
He could, like everyone else.
His website tells about ' het kaf van het koren scheiden' (separating the chaff from the grain), what means seeing the difference in what's good and isn't, and keeping the best. Yeah, right.
How he can combine this: being deep involved in a scam, while spreading, read selling, "ancient" "wisdom" (read:crap), etc. How. Would love to hear his answer.

Maybe it's not so interesting to share about here, but..I cannot stand such things at all. 

*On facebook he has some friends with me in common, what made me shiver, and what me also made me share this. 


" You don't do more to safe the earth? "
is a voice (it has been asked to me quite often, that's why) in the back of my head.
I want to explore it more. The question. And answers.
It can be a shared question, maybe you have similar thoughts as well, so..

First I have to say that it gives me a bad feeling. 'You don't do enough. You need to be 100% in flame to save this beautiful world'  was what ment.
"You need to jump out if your bed, every day, and be totally inspired to give everything."
"What did you do today -made it any sense for a mother in a corrupt african country with a dying baby in her hands? Can you look her in the eyes and say I did what I could?"

Some months ago I went through those things with a friend, willing to help me with it because it was hurting me.
Although our answers seemed so clear, and I thought I was done with it, they're after some months back in my mind..
Maybe it has been said to me too often, "you have to do more, you have to do more. More, more, more", that it almost was like brainwashing.
But maybe it's a good thing.. and can I make a big, big learning out of it.

I'll come back to it in another post..

April 27, 2017

Same for 'knowing'..

Don't you think?

S(l)icker than s(l)ick

Lately Julianna had a job in the 'marketing business' .
How worried I was when she joined the team how happy I was when she told me about her learnings.
Pretty fast she found out what a sick bullshit it was.
How they were used.
How a facade everything was. The talks they had to do.
It was selling "Goede Doelen". Charities . 

When she had quitted (worth a celebration!) we had good talks about it.
I was so glad she found it out by herself on her young age, by listening to her guts.

How sad I am when I see people for example do things like multi level marketing.
How they change.
How sad it is to see they really 'sell' , work for stupid companies, and loose their integrity. They become 'business-people' . It's that they don't wear a suit and tie, but so to speak sell in their pyama's (what make them feel cool and give them a sense of freedom).
The more they persuade, the more they earn. Julianna already saw it the first day.
It's a field where it is about tactics. Where people are goals. Where people become numbers (of course you'll never openly say it like this, but know it is).
A " yes, I join!", becomes your income.
This is where you put your time and energy in. In getting better in it. Persuading people (if it's for a " good cause" or not).

Persuading. Using tactics.
It means getting rid of integrity. 
However you turn it; it 's fake.
And sad. Very, very sad. 

Now and then I get a mail in my inbox from a friend who turned into this kind of business. It's like it's not her anymore, so I don't read it.. Already the topic of the mail, how slick it's written, how unauthentic, sais everything.
A sad change..

Brr! Glad Julianna is just selling food as a side-job right now. No smooth, slick conversations needed. No persuation. Just a "enjoy your meal" (and as sushi is her favorite food she can say it in a natural way).
She can stay herself.
That is where I want her to be.
In good health: always using her belly brain.

Truth & Idea

Ideology. The identification between truth and idea (time/dogmas).
It appears for example in the form of ideologies such as communism, liberalism, conservatism, national socialism and any other nationalism, or in the form of rigid religious systems of faith, which function with the implied assumption, that the supreme good lay out in the future, and that the end therefore justifies the means.

The goal is an idea, a point out in a future, projected by the mind, where salvation is coming in some kind – happiness, satisfaction, equality, liberation, etc.

Often, the means to come to this is to make people into slaves, torture them and murder them here and now.

It appears in the bigger, like all the -ismes above , but also in smaller forms*.
What I learned: to be aware of ideology's in any form and kind. For example people on a noble mission who totally stick to their own ideas, and talk about a brighter future when this & that have been happened (and where in this process you've been asked to play a role in).
Rigidness you see everywhere, even in the so to say 'good business'. You can become a slave as well, and being murdered in another way.
"It is like this..because I know. It simply is like this.", when you see this authorithan tone, be aware.. Often there won't be any opening to think and do different..

*in my eyes it's needed to be continually researched by ourselves: "how are we standing in something? Does this taste like ideology? Something what won't make you popular. Because how cool is it to really stand for something, you know, like the hardcore activism (ps. notice this is an -ism as well)"

April 26, 2017

Reality & Illusion

Thinking again about reality & illusion.
I like to write down again what Niels Bohr said: 
"it is not us, who are putting reality in order, it is reality which is putting us in order." 

In this Albert Einstein and he had a life-long disagreement (and it made them, being friends, having a lifelong debate about that, and so very intersting).
I feel like writing some more about this soon. 'Reality, truth, illusion,..', things so important and interesting..

Niels Bohr. Not so famous as Albert Einstein, but.. his work is great  too, and I think it's been undersnowed by Einsteins, unfortunately. (Not that I read so much, but what I read...)


The very thing I can't do anything with.
The most cruel reproach.
The thing what gives me the biggest 'wtf'-feeling ever, and where I cannot 'step over'.

'You are not honest.' 'You lie'.

I'm sorry. You can say anything of me, do if you like, but being honest, in the first place to myself, is the most important thing in my life.
True inquiry, where-and whatever. This is life..for me.

Tell me where I lie. 

I can say things, wanting do give or do more than I'm able to, but..that's not lying.

It's the worst insult, condemnation, critic ever, and it doesn't make any sense at all.
I don't get it.
For me relation (any kind of form) is being true, inquiring together, walking next to eachother.
It has every, but really every, thing to do with honesty, with integrity.

That is beauty. There I go for. That's the reason for relating. It is relating.
It's the most beautiful thing, and don't think I don't keep it it at the highest place.

-over & out, clearly (it's closing the door with the hardest kick ever, saying those words is pulverizing all and everything, destruction to the core

I don't need anything in any (form of) relationship
BUT that. Because it's the biggest *thing*, and it's the base. Of every thing fresh, green and flourishing.

My upsetness has more to do with (the lost of) relationship, than with me. I know (to a level) myself (more than another), but.. I cannot stand the most beautiful thing - to truly relate- is being destroyed, denied. That.

April 25, 2017


Last sunday I had a very good meeting at Knowmads. It was really valuable for me.
Who came were people who started 'Adviescentrum Thuiszitters', and a few mothers who have children at home. Children who cannot find the right school (because of different reasons) and are kind of 'out of procedure'. On both sides (school and parents) they don't see a way. They are stucked. Even the government doesn't know what to do with this issue. And the children are...home.
And as to homeschool your kids is very, very difficult in the Netherlands (not easily allowed), and not all parents can make the time and space for it to do it anyhow, it is.. a difficult situation.

For a long time I was aware of this; 17.000 registered young dropouts, plus probably around the same amount un-registered.

For some years now  I'm around at the small business-school called Knowmads, where I see real learning happening, and what I see as a place what can be a perfect ground for kids to find their fire for learning again. I see of course what could happen when I could be there for even just one person.

So that's in the pipeline! Giving a base for someone and explore together what the beauty of learning is. Very happy with.
And I see it as work. Real work.

I feel so lucky that I can combine a lot of my deep interests in what I do nowadays.
It's so great to make a living while happy with what you do..
To do something with the things which moves you.. and being able to combine it with eachother.

(But, sidenote, in the back of my mind I hear a voice, angry and totally upset: "what?! you're doing only this, while the world is on fire and we can do so much more?"
I am happy, and that's what a mother in the first place should share with her children. In my eyes. So, I'm sorry for taking care for myself and home.
For the rest, it's time to do more research to that echo in my mind. Is it really true? When are we doing enough? What is enough?)


Consciousness and un-counsciousness you can see as all what you saved, and carry with you. The bagage of your own journey. All the pictures. Analyzed or not analyzed. Solved and not solved. Things you gave a place and what you haven't yet.

Psychotherapist have a nice (and well be paid) job to translate them. And help you in unraveling and solving, giving things a place.

A lot of people think life is all about this. That this means growing.

But hey, do you think there isn't something more important than this self-exploration?

Consciousness and unconsciousness are actually the same.
It's what you carry with/in you. Explored or not explored (yet).
But there are borders. It's all within your own mind.

Is this the most important? Or is life bigger, and would it be an idea to better give attention to that?

There is something what solve things (inner conflicts) immediately.
A continual digging (what psychotherapist love to do) and explaining becomes totally unnecessairy.
It is about understanding the nature of conflicts. Conflicts of any kind, conscious or unconscious.

It also means growing, and not standing still to dig things to the surface to give it a place.
It has to do with light, while the other things have to do with digging in the dark.

Dark, because it's all your mind, known, old, it's between the borders of thought.
Light, because it has to do with something unknown, fresh and new.
And no, not a new exciting experience.
It has nothing to do with experiences.

With a 'way of being'. Not to experience that now & then on your yoga-mat. But a 'way' of living (the *thing* you do breath in, breath out).

April 24, 2017

Nothing in between

For any (kind of) relationship, let's say for being able to really relate, could it not be so  that there should not be anything in the way - to be able to continue the relationship?
Like prejudices, opinions and other thoughts, positive or negative? 

Just nothing?

If yes, then, that's something to work on. Day by day, moment by moment. 

To see someone always fresh, lemlem;). That's beautiful, or? 

And what about your relationship with life? Couldn't it be the same? To start every day empty, 'cleared history' so to say. Without compulsive thoughts. Without a particular goal. Without a past to cling on.
Really fresh.

I think that is being alive..