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February 21, 2017


'Director Autonomy'
I really like this one.

February 18, 2017

A living world

Sometimes, I read things which are really, really astonishing. Even in my facebook feed (yes, true!)
This. For example.
I don't know how others receive it, but I got even difficulties with my breath. 
So much in little words..
Here it is: 

"It is both my perspective and experience that we are immersed in a stratified unity of many orders of intelligence. Their nature and accessibility explosively surpass anything we have dreamed of as possibly existing in heaven, the sky, or elsewhere. In fact, the piercing irony is that our species, which is to say our kind of animal, is a direct expression of these intelligences. More, still... it is their »summation vehicle; a creature who, participating in »all of these strata, becomes something like a superposition. Yet this glorious possibility is everywhere co-opted, counterfeited, and sold back to us as models of reality and ideas that furiously deny both our understanding and access to the birthrights of our human incarnation.

A living world is the most astonishing ‘thing’ in all of timespace. Its natures are anciently, provocatively intelligent, and its organs... the living places and organisms... are the standing wave-body of relational intimacies whose age and sophistication are unimaginable. Yet our minds are made of the direct expression of these delicately profound histories and relationships. They have a story we have never been bold or perceptive enough to discover, and that ‘story of stories’ is the basis of every replacement-fiction we have become addicted to.

It is as if a living world is a crystalization of all of the possible modes and forms of intelligence »in all of time, happening ‘all at once’ in endless specific temporalities (speeds), bodies (local constellations of organisms and relationships) and... this activity emerges in our experience as »the possibility of minds such as ours. Our minds are born to ‘travel’ in a dimension we have overlooked: that of living intelligences. This ‘dimension’ leads to every place in time and being, it is intimately linked to every moment of every mind in all of time... and this is the gift of the world we actually inhabit, however crude or confused our understanding of this.

It is for this reason I say that although we are born and may acquire the minimal appearances of humanness ... we are born as potential; incomplete. To become human we must discover our true nature, and this nature defies nearly all of our language, concepts and culture... explicitly, explosively, and continuously. We speak of progress or intelligence while producing the opposites; we hear of enlightenment or liberty... most often in the cages of ideas that, should we acquire them... will simply deprive us of these virtues. To become human we must discover, together, the actual nature of our living world and the histories and relationships that, from that world, gave birth to our minds.

We are pregnant with modes of intelligence we have never imagined. And all that we sought in heaven or ‘the future’ or space... is explicitly and passionately exceeded by that which, as a species, we ignore: the living libraries of our world, and the organisms and relationships that comprise them. These are, it turns out, extensions of our own bodies... and our minds are the summation vessels of their anciently conserved promise... and prodigy."

-Darin Stevenson 


Let's do what our culture doesn't..
"Our culture does not nourish that which is best or noblest in the human spirit. It does not cultivate vision, imagination, or aesthetic or spiritual sensitivity. It does not encourage gentleness, generosity, caring, or compassion. Increasingly in the late 20th Century, the economic-technocratic-statist worldview has become a monstrous destroyer of what is loving and life-affirming in the human soul.
"-Ron Miller

Network Blitzkrieg

"So our defense against a Network Bliztkrieg may be in the subconscious, where we don’t care about the fakeness our realness of the news and our reality, but more about what makes us unique as human beings: the ability to play infinite games and truly care."

Infinite games, indeed. This, this other kind of 'game', makes me fearless. For whatever other games bring us. 

Read here the beautiful piece from Peter vander Auwera.  

February 17, 2017

Alain de Botton on relationships 

February 16, 2017

Listening contact, under-standing

"Contact from the hara is an inner listening contact, one that is available to us at any time, whether with a friend or colleague, lover or stranger, simply by cultivating our ability to bear with others in pregnant silence. But if conversation means nothing more than taking it in turns to speak, without any depth of inner listening contact with others, then, however intimate the subject, there will be no real soul-contact. Only by learning to be with others in silence, not just while they speak but in the intervals of silence that precede and follow their words, do we learn to open our hara - the soul-womb of our listening....

"The fundamental pathology of our age is not aids or cancer, stress or depression, neuroticism or psychosis - it is the repression of our spiritual centre and the resulting incapacity to listen. To listen is to create a receptive listening space in the region under the head and the heart, the intellect and emotions. To 'under-stand' is quite literally to hear from 'under' or below - from the still-point of silence in the hara. The hara is both the belly and inner womb of our listening. Listening is our way of dwelling within it. By rooting our listening in the hara and making contact with others from it, we automatically help others to listen to themselves more deeply, to listen from their own hara and learn to speak from it. We learn to hear where people are speaking 'from' - whether from head, heart or hara."

-Peter Wilberg, Head, Heart and Hara


"Humanity stands poised, literally, on the threshold of a potentially massive outpouring of positive and constructive energy.
If we choose to step into this new era, which we must, we will perforce thank Donald Trump for giving us – unbeknownst to himself – a firm nudge that moved us towards this brighter future." 
What do you think of this article

February 15, 2017


"A man has to do what a man has to do."
Also a woman has to do what a woman has to do.
I'm not playing a role in someone's other plan.
I have my own. 
And my plan is not clear.
The direction is, though.
And it's my very, very own. What nobody can change.

The direction.
It's not easy to explain.
When it in't a place.
And isn't a form.

When someone wants me to do something (because it suits the other's plan) but it isn't in line with my direction, than it will collapse. Somehow. Defenitely.

I stick to my inward compass.

February 14, 2017

'power of love'

What a dream last night. It stayed with me the whole day.
Someone I can almost see as a foe (what I never had in this way in my life) came to my place, by somehow opening the locked door.
In time, before he could do me something, I quickly went to my neighbour and locked the door (a door with more locks).
In the meantime he destroyed my home. 
Took personal things. Brute. Total desctructive. Then he came to the neighbours door and he, as a monster, easily opened it- with all his anger and power.
What happened then I don't know exactly.
But the dream ended that we walked in nature, and that I tried to understand him. - and that feeling of openess (despite all) made me wonder..
Like whatever happens it seems I can't really change myself. But it also made me happy, it means: whatever. Love. 

Seems you can't easily change that. 
It means: Love. Is. Simply. The. Strongest.

But. Of course, selfcare I should have.
So. I lock my doors, so to say. 
Like a membrane. Good & healthy in, the rest has to stay outside.

And if I cannot walk with someone like a friend, than -logically-I cannot walk together.

To think clearly

∞ The capacity to ‘think clearly’ does not mean the ability to come to conclusions. The language is deceptive in that it appears to specify an ordinary, linear method, when, in fact, what is indicated it something rather bizarre: a method that intelligently modifies itself »in order to acquire better methods. This is nearly the opposite of coming to conclusions; it is a relatively explosive potential for exstasis, for self-exceeding through negation and invention. For ecstasy... in the sense of the intellect. This is the direction of excellence.

So it turns out that the capacity to think clearly is non-linear, recurses upon its own methods in order to correct, reject or develop them, and is oriented toward discovery and negation. Any question becomes a developmental impetus which questions the structure of the methods, as well as pursuing its object with them.

The nature of our intelligence is not oriented toward producing (or reproducing) statements, it is oriented toward extending its capacities in an arena of questions and problems. This has little to do with arguments or conclusions; it is a process more akin to fertilization, pregnancy, and birth. It is vital, impassioned, spirited... it surpasses its seeming achievements in order to establish new terrain to achieve from. The capacity to ‘think clearly’ is a profoundly nonordinary skill, seen more often in children learning languages or new tasks than it is in common adults.

-Darin Stevenson