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August 24, 2016

Next week

At the peer value conference next week I really like to grab my chance to have some short but deep conversations/ interviews with people I already had on my list 'hoping to meet once'. To be true, I already had a kind of feeling, a sort of trust or so, we should one day. For example Bayo Akomelafe.
It would be wonderful to be able to talk about something what really has my interest: 'cocreation'. New ways of working together. What works and what doesn't work. That was how I started this blog, some years ago..
So. Hopefully I can share a few interviews in a little while! Let's see what's gonna happen overthere! 


Just a little promotion!
Share the word if you like; I'm very happy to take care for all the food and drinks at beautiful events.



There's still a conversation from last year in my mind. I got a message from someone I know and who is an ex cao from a huge international company. He asked me to visit me one day because he said he always learnd from me.
That moment it was weird to understand. He? Someone with so much experience, living a 'good life' learning from me, always struggling and juggling with all the balls trying to keep in the air? 'What should the learning be?' I was wondering.
And shared the question with a friend. He said 'I think it's not persé about what you're doing, but how you're doing it.'
This words I remembered.
Still it's strange to hear how others see you (in this case it was flattering of course) but also learningful.
How you do it.
If you take on everything in front of your nose with love, this will be visible.
What now came in front is cooking for quite big teams, groups and evenements.
It was never a goal, or a dream, but I took it happily, grateful. And it's great to do! 
Again what 'sells' is probably the how.
Cooking slow.. taking time.. 


August 22, 2016

August 21, 2016


A very good (and short) read on quantum theory.
Is it us who create reality? Are you sure? 100%? What's your prove? 
It's claimed very often.

I would say, be 100% sure before you say so, don't take all information for true, and say things out of experience.

And have a think about those words:
"It is not us who put reality in order, it is reality which puts us in order"  -Niels Bohr

Here the link to the article.

Absent. What makes..

..reality emptiness

August 20, 2016

Generalization & lying

Generalization. It's a thing I think about a lot those days. What's so utterly wrong with it? It means that you expect, that something, which has taken place in one situation, also takes place in other situations, without asking or searching for contra-conceptions and alternatives. Without any research, without being open. 

This article was great to read on this topic.

August 19, 2016

Succes and it's

core. (in my eyes)  

August 18, 2016


Abject Bullshit Headline of the Day (ABHD):

“Being Crazy in a Sick Society Is Actually Healthy”
“To be normal is to be sick.”
Bluntly, this is absolute bullshit.
There is no ‘society’ here, except in language... one’s own actual relationships and activities comprise one’s experience of ‘society’, not ‘the news’, the ‘stories’, ‘the headlines’ or the ‘regurgitated lies made by media pundits about research’.
“Scientists say...” is the way a complete lie begins, because nearly no scientists say what follows these lies, which are fabrications invented to foment fear, marketing, click-bait, and contagious media diseases.
As for this particular bullshit headline, let’s be clear about what ‘actually healthy’ means:
Being sober, caring, aware and intelligent is actually healthy.
Being crazy is simply being ill.
Crazy is not a good state, not a ‘win’, and not ‘a state of power’.
As for ‘normal’... the entire idea is a sickening lie: every being is fully complete and absolutely unique at the same time. There is no such thing as ‘normal’, so you need not worry about ‘whether or not you qualify for an entirely invented standard that leads to fear-lies’. Ever.
Do not be beguiled by clickbait bullshit, and please, refrain from spreading it to your friends and contacts, because that is insane, and unhealthy ... it is also cruel.

Darin Stevenson

Own light

Within, we'all have our light.
That we're all born with, and we can see shining in childrens' eyes.
And -the good thing- it cannot break (like a lightbulb can) 
Even when all seems dark, you have it. Because you are it.
You need darkness to see it?
No, not needed.
'Just' (not that easy, hard work) throw of, moment by moment, what's false/ dark, and you see it. The brightness. Life. Fresh.

Doing this is called self(=world)care.