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January 22, 2017

January 21, 2017


I know we all do. Overthinking and doubting the importance of our work. 'Does it matter?' 'Isn't it too small-scale?' and that kind of things.
This afternoon it was there again. But then, like a big present, a few words from Adebayo I remembered. Said to me when the event with many attandees and speakers I admire was over: "your role was the most important. You kept all together."

Mmm.. Thanks. Sometimes you need to remember the worth of faciltating, hosting and food. 

And that all is connected, that every act matters and does has it's worth. 

Roles and identities

"People organize themselves to take up a role as part of their performance-in-action; but their own reasons for doing so are driven by complex value-streams that are in the process of continuous negotiation. 
The success of the organized performance depends upon each individual fulfilling their role or roles, which in turn depends upon them maintaining sufficient relational stability to reach a threshold of coherence in their complex relational processes."
Beautiful piece by BonnitaRoy. 
On leadership, complexity and self-organizing.

Europen Assembly for the Commons

January 14, 2017

Your way. Intentions.

How beautiful, this post.

January 09, 2017

A journey along the way

A short article about 'system thinking'.

"This definition of a system implies something beyond cause and effect. Rather than simply A affects B, there is an implication that B also affects A. Examples of systems are particle, atom, molecule, cell, organ, person, community, state, nation, world, solar system, galaxy, and universe, in increasing levels of complexity. In truth there is only one system, "the Universe," and all other systems are really just sub-systems of this larger system."

And the Universe is something 'we don't know'...

Like we don't know about 'love'. 

January 07, 2017

Food for sociopaths

Talking about peace....while it's war.

One Love plate #2

January 03, 2017

'Slow down': activism

If you like, take some time for what Adebayo Akomolafe has to say here about activism.
Especially the last part made much sense to me.

New Age Bullshit Generator

'Namaste. Do you want to sell a New Age product or Service?"

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